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Author Guidelines

The writing guideline for manuscripts submitted in Journal ARISTO (social, political, the humanities)
Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo:

1. The articles should be research-based articles or literature review.
2. It should be written with Times New Roman 12 style.  3. The script should within 15-20 page long.
4. Referencing style should be consistent to be applied since quoting is one of the nature of the model.
5. It is recommended to use Mendeley application for references source management.
6. Articles should consist of four chapters: a). Introduction (background, formulation, and purposes), b). Discussion (review of the literature and the presentation of research results), c). Resume (analysis, conclusions, and recommendations), d). Literature. 7). The references should be written systematically and alphabetically. 8). Journal ARISTO (Social, Politic, Humanities) has the right to change the format of the manuscript without changing the content and the purpose of the articles. 9). The manuscripts should be submitted at least two (2) months before the publication.
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