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White beans recipe is a snap

by Hasan Zehra (2020-04-01)

White beans recipe is a snap

Today it's about white beans, edible, mature seeds of mostly green beans. With turkish women as a forward-looking stockholder,  they are always ready to start in the pantry on the wooden shelf. fasulye  so White means wirth meat a traditional dish for  them. As a perfect all-rounder, they are either dried or ready for very quick use in glasses or cans.

The bean (fasulye) is a miracle of versatility

 the following dishes with white beans: savory stews with sausage and co, rustic casseroles, colorful vegetable soups, cream soups, oriental pastes or other spicy dips, spreads, mashed potato beans, vegetable variants e.g. with spinach or tomatoes, baked beans, also called baked beans, salads with a wide variety of fruit and vegetable ingredients and, to top it off, sweet chocolates made from white beans.

Mini to gigantes

You can find a wide variety of varieties on the market, white to off-white, large, small, kidney-shaped rather flat or rounded from many countries.

There is the Fasolia Gigantes from Greece, the Greek word for giant is no coincidence for this very large, white bean.

Another special variety is the Cannellini bean, also known as the Italian white bean, of medium size, kidney-shaped and with a firmer structure. With its nutty, mild taste, it is the first choice for minestrone, pasta and fagioli soup or as a delicious side dish with hearty garlic and rosemary.

The kidney beans, a pea-sized bean type, come from France, here they are enjoyed as favorite beans, especially in cassoulet.

Filled with cardboard with beans

Beans have a great advantage, they fill you up. Being satiated always feels good. nutritious as they are, can replace them in a meal without additional meat, the high protein content of 21 to 24%, depending on the variety, reaches the value of many types of meat. With their high fiber content, dietary fibers are the indigestible components of plant foods, they counteract constipation and lower blood lipid levels and cholesterol levels. With 100 g of dried white beans, we already get almost 20 g of fiber, about 30 g a day are recommended. But who likes to hear: eat more fiber. This would be very easy to achieve with creative vegetarian cuisine. Sounds a lot more pleasant: Today there is bean tortillia with red bell peppers or bean pasta with apple or bean puree with fried chicory. Incidentally.