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Oryx Yachts Series - Sport Cruiser Boats For Long Weekend Adventures

by Rhea Carrozza (2020-02-23)

Are you a sport boat enthusiast? Or maybe planning to buy your own cruiser yacht. It is not surprising why there is a dramatic rise in the demand for sport cruiser boats these days. More and more individuals from the younger generation market seem to realize the beauty of cruising, sport fishing and other thrilling adventures involving sea-borne crafts.

85114557_957615477967731_700420277909146But, before you go shopping for sea sports boats for sale, getting to know Gulf Craft's Oryx Yachts Series will give you a head start on which cruiser is best for your type of adventure. All the brand's models are equipped with comfortable amenities for long weekend adventures.

Oryx 27

The smallest of the Oryx series, this sleek and compact-sized craft offers practically the same quality as her larger counterparts despite her smaller size. The Oryx 27 has ample space for ufabet sleeping as well as an array of standard features and options to choose from allowing boaters to create a luxurious overnight excursion and reach endless destinations. It measures 27 feet in length and accommodates 8 persons.

Oryx 36

Powerful yet extremely comfortable, this is what best describes the Oryx 36. Her main deck features an L - shaped seating area and easy access to the swim deck. The foredeck features maximum space for sun and laying out. The same space also provides a comprehensive view of the majestic seascape. The lower deck presents an ideal space for the owner's cabin, guest room including ample seating space and a separate saloon and galley. Oryx 36 hull is made from fiber glass, a durable and lasting material for boats and yachts.

Oryx 42

Built for luxury and comfort, that's the Oryx 42. Its excellent craftsmanship shows that Oryx 42 has been carefully crafted to deliver extraordinary luxury and comfort to all those aboard her decks.

Both the main and the lower deck offer spacious lounging areas with furnishings made of premier materials. The Oryx 42 is an outstanding vessel for a fast, smooth long distance cruising.

Oryx 43 Fly

Exclusively created by Gulf Craft's in-house design studio, the classic exterior design represents the company's discriminating taste in luxury. The panoramic windows allow plenty of light to flow through the yacht. The standard layout consists of two cabins and 2 heads, sleeps 4 but can accommodate a maximum of 15 people for a waterfront cruise. The Oryx 43 Fly is Gulf Craft's initial venture in fly-bridge cruisers yachts for sale with outboard engines.

Gulf Craft Gulf Craft is a boat and yacht builder since 1982. They carry a range of exclusive brands, each specializing in a specific type of watercraft. The Oryx Yachts series is their exclusive brand for sport yachts and open cruisers. It has quickly gained popularity among the younger market. If you are looking to find the best sport fishing yachts for sale that suits your adventure, please visit website .