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Trinny and Susannah return from TV wilderness with spoof documentary... on TV wilderness

by Joey Glenelg (2020-10-13)

Trinny and Susannah return from TV wilderness with spoof documentary... on TV wilderness

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They appeared destined for the television wasteland after being unceremoniously dumped by ITV two years ago. 

However, Trinny Woodall, 46, and Susannah Constantine, 48 have made an astonishing comeback - with the pair returning to terrestrial television later this month.

It emerged today that Channel 4 have snapped up the duo's spoof documentary, Trinny and Susannah: What They Did Next.

Parody: In a new online series entitled Trinny and Susannah: What They Did Next the stars play themselves in a Curb Your Enthusiasm style parody

It is an amazing turnaround for the pair who were written off by observers after they were axed by the commercial broadcaster.

After being cast into the TV wilderness, the presenters produced their own ‘mockumentary' for Internet users, parodying themselves. 

The series - called  Triny and Susannah: What They Did Next - consisted of 16 six-minute episodes and was aired this summer on the Internet site

The duo - who first found fame as the presenters of What Not To Wear - also persuaded celebrity friends including David Furnish, Lulu to join in the programmes.

In one scene, an unwitting Prince Edward was even featured.

Just a laugh: The two send themselves up in a series of spoof documentaries, with Trinny even having her buttocks massaged

The self-deprecating programme proved such a surprise Internet hit, Channel 4 have now bought it up. A spokesman confirmed it be shown at the end of this month. 

Talking of the programe, Miss Woodall has said: ‘The core of the idea [was] to take the mickey out of ourselves.'

The fly-on-the-wall documentary - a cross-between US comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office and Alan Partridge -  shows the pair mocking themselves as they ‘journey to get back to the top and re-establish themselves as Britain's lifestyle queens' and combines scripted and ad-libbed scenes. 

In one scene, their agent dumps them and they lose a lucrative advertising contract. 

The duo can also be seen smoking, drinking, losing contracts, molesting strangers. In one scene, Miss Woodall  is even seen having her naked buttocks pummelled in a bid to retain a pert derriere.

Demanding: Trinny is seen indulging an endless beauty regime - constantly being injected with botox

Miss Constantine and Miss Woodall - who first met at a party thrown by Viscount Linley in 1994 - were hired by ITV in a £1.2 million ‘golden handcuffs'deal from the BBC in 2005 - with their contract beginning the following year. 

However, ITV decided to drop the pair in 2007 after a number of shows had dismal ratings. 

When their last series for ITV1, called Trinny And Susannah Meet Their Match, was broadcast it flopped with viewing figures having slumped to just 1.8million by the end of it's run. 

It was quite a comedown from the days when the pair's original BBC series What Not To Wear - which ran for four years from 2001 - regularly pulled in seven million viewers.

Indeed, in 2002 they even won a Royal Television Society Award in the category of best factual presenter.

In the aftermath, the duo's planned assault on America also failed with their series Making Over America flopping.  Indeed, by last year, the pair were reduced  to touring Australia with a 'stage version' of their show. 

The demise of the duo's TV career also came as Miss Woodall's marriage collapsed.
She divorced husband, businessman Johnny Elichaoff, 50, last year after 10 years of marriage.

Miss Woodall, who battled alcoholism in her 20s, and 웹툰 remains staunchly committed to sobriety nearly 20 years on, was said by friends to have given up on her husband's struggle to shake his own addiction to prescription painkillers. 

Mr Elichaoff  -  a former rock drummer  -  had become addicted to them after having more than 20 operations on his leg following a motorcycle accident.

The pair have a daughter Lyla, six. 

The Mail told in April how Miss Woodall was now dating millionaire Italian businessman Stefano Bonfiglio. 

Miss Constantine, meanwhile, is married to Danish entrepreneur and businessman Sten Bertelsen. They have three children and live in West Sussex.