Rules Of The Game (Style Slingkung) Writing Journal of Social ARISTO UNMUH Ponorogo 1. Articles Filed Research / Study Library
2. Written by letter Times New Roman 12
3. Length Script 15-20 Page
4. Process Citations must be consistent gunankan quote one kind of model.
5. It is recommended to use the application Mendeley
6. Section article consists of three chapters a) Introduction (Background, Formulation and Objectives) b) Discussion (Review of literature or presentation of research results) c) Cover (Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations) d) Bibliography
7. Writing Bibliography should be systematic and Alphabetical.
8. The business journal entitled to change the format without changing the content and purpose of the article.
9. The collection of articles at least 2 months before publication.
10. The collection via email: 11. Contact Person via 085755090861/082306576716.