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Bizarre but effective alternative uses for banana peel

by Cristina Polding (2020-04-12)

Full of potassium and essential vitamins, bananas are one of the most nutrient-rich foods around.

But did you know that the fruit's skin can be just as beneficial as the banana itself?

Indeed, the peel of a banana has a plethora of quirky uses - including whitening your teeth, removing splinters, curing acne and even soothing a headache. 

Wise Bread tested the best ways to  make the most of banana peels - and they'll surprise you.

There's some bizarre but brilliant alternative uses for banana peels - including boosting your garden and enhancing your skin 

Teeth whitening: Rubbing the banana peel over your teeth for a few minutes before brushing every day can help make them gleam in the space of a few weeks.

Beat warts and splinters: Tape a banana peel over your wart for a week; not only will it banish it but it will also stop it coming back. 

As for dislodging pesky splinters, the enzymes help remove them and speed up the healing process.





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Beat acne and wrinkles: The vitamins and minerals in the banana peel soothes inflammation and irritated skin. Rub a peel over your skin every night and you should notice a clearer complexion in just a few days. In case you have almost any issues regarding wherever and the best way to utilize These are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus HPV. This virus spreads with blood and makes itself felt with weakened body immunity., you'll be able to email us with our own web-page.