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by Norris Champagne (2020-04-09)

page1-76px-Imperial_Dictionary_of_UniverYou really do not have to go out on much of a limb to make the case that Microgaming casinos are among the most popular found online right now. Their success speaks for itself within the great online bet number of online gaming sites and poker rooms that will be currently operating under the Microgaming banner. That same banner acts as being an unofficial seal of quality also, as these online casinos consistently get high ratings from users and trade analysts alike.

The software geniuses at Microgaming cooked up well north of 100 games for your gambling pleasure, including 11 progressive jackpots that constitute one of the hottest trends online at the moment. The graphics at each Microgaming casino are uniformly superb, adding multiple layers of fun and excitement to the experience. And you shall always find a boatload of promotions, freebies and bonuses that are cleverly designed to earn your loyalty as well as manage it over extended periods of time.

In regards to all those essential "nuts & bolts" that may really make all of the difference in almost any online casino, Microgaming has a substantial background of scoring high points. A large proportion of their sites offer games in both download and no-download formats for maximum convenience. You shall find a wide range of payment and payout options, and the security is definitely ultra-tight and in compliance with the very latest encryption technology. What more could a virtual gambler ask for?

While it may seem strange for elite players of the highly cerebral game of chess to take up a seemingly low brow game like poker, the 2 games are not as dissimilar as one might think. While, at first glance poker is a seemingly simple game to learn and understand, the truth is that to be a successful player one must first find out more advanced theories and strategies to excel. In spite of the simple nature of the fundamental game play many mathematical concepts may be applied to the game. Folks who doubt that math has an area in successful poker need look no further than the highly mathematical playing styles of WSOP winners Dan Harrington (also a former chess player) and Chris Ferguson.

Within the most recent New York Review of Books the legendary chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov reviews Chess Metaphors: Artificial Intelligence and also the Human Mind by Diego Rasskin-Gutman and discusses the impact of computers on chess as well as other games. He attributes a division of the lure of poker to the truth that unlike chess it has yet to be beaten by computers as well as perhaps never will be. "While chess is a 100% information game-both players are aware of all the data all the time-and therefore directly vulnerable to computing power, poker has hidden cards and variable stakes, creating critical roles for chance, bluffing, and risk management. These might seem to be facets of poker based fully on human psychology and as a consequence invulnerable to computer incursion," Kasparov theorized.

On the contrary, other chess players have turned their focus on poker since it not offers a mental challenge but also a shot at much better financial returns. Recently the Poker Stars blog interviewed one of their online players referred to as simona75. He's a 34 year-old London based chess International Master who after joining PokerStars annually ago has gained their prestigious Supernova Elite status. Players who reach this level are offered a possibility to be given free entry into any of the following two events: PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, WSOP Main Event, EPT Monte Carlo, APPT Sydney or free entry into among the above events and $10,000 cash. When asked how he came to play poker simona75 said that since he did not possess any jobs lined up he decided to start playing poker on the side. Once he realized his skills could gain him Supernova Elite status he decided to actively pursue it.

Many other chess players have gone on to success within the poker world including International Master Ivo Donev, International Master Almira Skripchenko and Grandmaster Josef Klinger. To read more visit 21 Online Casinos for independent and honest online casino reviews, gambling news and updates.