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Professional Web Directory Guidance

by Wilford Drury (2020-02-04)

a-blue-point-himalayan-sits-at-a-desk.jpBusiness directories are an essential and valuable addition to your online marketing strategy. Not just do thousands of individuals search every day for businesses on their own favourite free directory, but in addition many business profiles on directories are indexed by Google as well as other major search engines.

Should I advertise on free business directories?

In a word, yes - links to these business directory adverts (business profiles) are shown when people action a generic search in Google and other internet search engines, for instance, a look for 'Pubs' in 'Wapping' currently displays all links to pubs in Wapping on business directories, e.g. Beer in the Evening, Trusted Places, View London etc. So when you are a pub in Wapping then it's imperative that you are listed on these directories as a way to stand a real and quick chance of being on Google page one.

Why is it so important to be on Google page one search results?

People searching for your business or business type usually want to find what they're trying to find as quickly as possible. The quickest way to do this really is to action a search then scan all the links displayed. The majority of user searches will amend their search terms rather than clicking on subsequent pages of the original search. So getting your business to page one in Google and other internet search engines is critical if you want to achieve new enquiries / customers.

What are the statistics for people that only look at the very first page of a Google search?

Well about 90% of searches go no further than page one, and Google alone handle 88bn search queries every month - that's 80bn page one only search queries. What this means is you really must have page one prominence being an objective within your SME online marketing strategy plan.

Should I employ an SEO expert to help me get on page one of Google?

Well, there are several SEO consultants out there that can help you build a strategy to implement it, on the other hand, 90% of it really is straight-forward, and also by spending a number of hours per week reading blogs and books will give you a greater understanding. Then a number of hours every week making simple SEO changes to your web page (on-page SEO), writing good quality and informative articles on your business area and creating professional business directory directory profiles (off-page SEO), will produce significant benefits over time. Doing this will really help you to get under the skin of SEO, and may help you identify the best SEO consultant from the dodgy ones whenever you need further help to generate an advanced SEO development plan.

What online business directories should I list my business on?

To start with, the more quality online directories you are on the better chance you have to increase customer enquiries and visits to your own website. This is only because each business directory differs, they generally all have their own unique structure and SEO qualities. For example, say you are listed on ten directories with similar content, and after that a potential customer searches for your business type in Google - the search results could possibly display among the ten links to your business. Alternatively, a slightly amended user search may show a link to another free directory. So in general, you'll need to represent your business on as many established and quality directories while you can.