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was that the first word?

by Hasan Zehra (2020-03-05)

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was that the first word? When the baby says “mom” for the first time, it's a big moment - especially for parents. From which month you can count on it and how long your child actually trains for it, you can read here. From babbling to the first word When do babies talk ? "Mummy. Say mom! ”Learning to speak is not that easy for children. You have to be patient a little. Ultimately, however, every scream, every roar and whine is a step in the right direction. Because all of this trains the vocal cords, an important prerequisite for speaking. In addition, long before the first word, your baby listens to every sound in his environment - especially your voices, of course. Learning to speak is directly linked to hearing. In the first few months after birth, your child will begin to imitate the sounds it hears. It quickly learns to use its vocal cords in a targeted manner. Cooing and chuckling are the next step. From about the fourth month, babies start chattering. One also speaks of the so-called Lall phase. In this, children combine vowels and consonants with each other and so the typical "jajaja" and "dadada" sounds are created. Maybe your baby is actually slipping out of “mama” or “baba” for the first time. Was that his first word? Mamamamama - When do babies talk Even if it is to melt away, it is unfortunately not yet a conscious first word. The sounds are simply easy to shape and of course that is fun for the baby. Especially if you play this fun game and smile at it proudly. So much attention is extremely encouraging. From about half a year on, the babble becomes a kind of singsong. Children imitate your tone and your speech pattern. If you read it to him regularly during this learning phase, you can still promote the natural flow of speech. Can't it take long now for the first word? The first conscious "mom" - from this age on it is time In fact, it usually takes another half a year for your child to consciously speak his first word. For most children, this happens around their first birthday, i.e. around twelve months. At this point in time, the so-called one-word phase, the development is so far that it knows what the word "mom" means and who his mom is. It already recognizes its own name and turns to the person from whom it is addressed. A big milestone.