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Woman uses simple trick and a £1 household product to clean carpet

by Jocelyn Charbonneau (2021-01-11)

A woman has revealed how she got her muddy carpeted stairs back to their former glory with a trick that cost just £1. 

Anna Holliday, of Newcastle upon Tyne, took to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group to reveal the formula she used to get her carpet cleaning. 

She revealed she decanted £1 Elbow Grease cleaning spray into hot water, and filled up an old stain remover bottle with a brush applicator. 

People were amazed at the before and after pictures, vowing to try the trick themselves. 

Anna Holliday, from Newcastle Upon Tyne, used some Elbow Grease mixed with water to clean her old and dirty stairs (pictured before)

Anna mixed some Elbow Grease (left) and water and pour it in a Dr Beckmann bottle so she could use the bottle's brush 

Anna explained she could not believe how successful the trick was. 

'Can't get over the Elbow Grease carpet trick, didn't realise how bad they were,' she wrote in her post, which has now gone viral, with more than 1,300 likes.


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After being urged by the group members to explain her trick, Anna kindly obliged.  

'I used Elbow Grease mixed with hot water,' she wrote. 'About 1/4 Elbow Grease in an empty bottle of Dr Beckmann with the scrub attached (a scrub brush will do).'

Anna was amazed at the results, saying she had not realised how dirty her stairs were before she cleaned them using the trick

She vacuumed the carpet first and then ran over it with a squeegee to gather hair, dust and other fibers that might have gotten stuck In business for more than fifteen years in the field of mobility the carpet's material. 

Elbow Grease is available from £1 in supermarkets like Morrisons, in pound shops and online. 

Facebook was deeply impressed with Anna's result, and many users said they would be trying the trick themselves.  

Facebook was mind-blown by the results and many pledged to try to trick for themselves on their own carpets

'WOW that is amazing, adding this one to the "big Christmas clean", which starts next weekend ....Thanks for the tip,' one wrote. 

'Wow. That's amazing... I will be doing this soon as my stair carpet needs it,' another said. 

I'm gonna try this,' said another. 

'Whoa that's like brand new again! Looks the same as the carpet in my daughter's room so I'll be trying this tomorrow on bedroom day, thank you,' wrote one. 

'Omg this is exactly what I'm needing!!! Can't believe it. I was looking for a way to lift my carpets again,' said another.