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Is My Tree Dead or Alive?

by Cristine Roy (2020-10-13)

Especially during the winter time, it can be tough determining if a tree is dead, alive, or simply dormant for the season. This time of year however, trees have not reached their dormancy yet, so it can be a little easier spotting a tree in trouble.
Continue reading to learn how to tell the difference between a dead and a healthy tree, and what to do if your tree is indeed dead.

Small Trees

For trees that are small or short, you are likely able to reach their twigs and branches.

This makes it easy to test it and determine whether or not it is dead or alive. Simply snap off a twig and take a look at its fleshy center for signs of life. Healthy flesh will look light and green, whereas dead or dying/will look dull and gray. Also, a dead or dying tree branch will snap off dry and quick, whereas a healthy twig might give you a bit of a struggle.
Small trees are easy to manage, but when they are very large or tall it can be difficult testing branches on your own if you can't reach them. For this reason, you need professional Indianapolis tree service.

Large Trees

Professional companies retain the proper training, experience, and specialized equipment to care for large trees safely and efficiently.

They will be able to implement the proper procedures to test them for life, as well as, suggest and implement strategies for either saving or removing the tree. Of course, they also retain the proper resources to provide safe tree removal and Obituary tree care services. If the trees that are dying, it usually needs to be removed right away to prevent accidents.

Before you contact a professional tree service company, you can look for signs of a dead or dying tree. Having this information and relaying it to your professional tree technician will help them better understand your tree care needs.

Here's what to look for:

  • Loss of Foliage
  • Leaf Discoloration
  • Leaf Curling
  • Leaf Wilting
  • Pest Infestations
  • Trunk Rot
  • Waterlogged Roots
  • Exposed Roots
  • Bark Discoloration
  • Fungus Growth
  • Dropping Branches

If you believe your tree is dead or dying, Accident be sure to contact a trusted company for prompt and professional service at a fair price.

Don't wait too long because sick or dead trees are big safety hazards to have on your property. Not only can they harm people, they can fall and cause structural damage to many things.

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