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Examples of Modesty

by Journal Site (2019-12-24)

Examples of Modesty The norm of decency is very important to apply, especially in society, because this norm is very closely related to the community (Following and According from Nisa Nailofar, Propesorpa Jay, Diningtableprotectorz). Once there is a violation of the norms of decency, the violator will receive sanctions from the community, such as ridicule. politeness is a demand in living together. There are norms that must be met in order to be socially acceptable. Sanctions for violators of the norms of decency are not strict, but can be given by the community, in the form of ridicule, reproach, insults, or ostracized and exiled from association and humiliation. Examples of courtesy norms are (following references from Pakistanian International Journals: Don't interrupt the conversation. Respect for older people. Receive something always with the right hand. No dirty, rude and arrogant words. Don't spit just anywhere. Receive something always with the right hand. The Norm of Politeness in Society What is the norm of politeness? Understanding Norms of courtesy or courtesy is a set of rules about the level of behavior that comes from culture, customs, or traditions in an area that develops in the community members' relationships and is considered as a guide in interacting with others. Courtesy norms are relative because each place, environment and time have their own category of politeness norms. In accordance with the definition of politeness norm above, this norm must be implemented to get order in the community. Polite is very necessary and important to be a culture that must be owned, both in society and organizations. Without manners or more often called work ethics, it can cause disputes between members of the organization. Modesty is a rule of life or values regulated by religion and the customs of society. Modesty is a guideline that regulates human behavior towards humans around them. Modesty is a norm that is based on the culture of society. Violation of this norm does not have a large social effect. For example, a child's treatment of parents and the procedure for dressing an adult woman when leaving the house. Violation of this norm will return to the perpetrator himself, which is in the form of feelings of shame and shyness towards those around him. Examples of Norms of Modesty in Daily Life, namely: Say hello when you visit someone else's house. Kiss parents' hands when they want to go to school. Manners when visiting other people's houses. Do not throw garbage anywhere. Also Read Articles That May Be Related: Understanding Deliberation Norms of Politeness in the Work Environment In accordance with the understanding of politeness above, then this courtesy norm can be implemented simply in the work environment including: Don't talk or laugh too loud The office is a place to work and requires high concentration to get the job done. Therefore, a manager should give rules to workers not to talk or laugh too loudly, because it can interfere with fellow colleagues. Especially if this is done by young workers to older workers, it will be seen as impolite. Although trivial, but if this is left alone it will create a bad image for the company if at any time get a client or consumer visit. Don't talk about each other's ugliness at work A manager has the right to make rules to forbid employees from discussing matters not related to work let alone "gossiping". This aims to avoid work that is not completed due to employees talking about other people too often. Managers can overcome this by asking employees to be open if there are problems with other employees. Respecting the elders If you are a manager who is young and has a subordinate with an age category older than you, you should keep an attitude of courtesy when interacting with that person. For example when you accidentally meet, then bend a little as a form of respect even though your position is higher than theirs. Because the norm of courtesy knows more about age than position. Manners in attitude Polite in attitude has a wide scope. Courtesy like this is actually difficult to give written rules on paper so that it requires personal awareness of the parties concerned. For example when working meetings, make it a habit not to interrupt each other's conversations if the person hasn't finished talking. In addition, it can also be shown by the attitude of not taking anything from the table of coworkers without the knowledge and permission of your colleagues. Maintain cleanliness of the work environment Although in the company usually available special employees to clean the office, but should have the awareness to jointly maintain cleanliness in the work environment. At least by getting used to throw trash in its place. Norms of Courtesy in Friends Outside relationships is very decisive in shaping one's character. Associating with friends who are not good will certainly affect our inner development as well. As befits a cub that has been cared for since childhood and is associated with a group of dogs, then the tiger after growing up will behave like a dog. Wisdom in associating is very decisive where we are able to distinguish a good friend as a true friend and evil as a correction of our own weak personalities. Harmony in life in this world must be fostered jointly by the entire community. Therefore, maintaining relationships between friends is a very important role