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The Show Me Fly Guy: January 2020

by Mickie Hubert (2020-09-08)

In Family Tree Maker the quotes and slashes are not required, but can be entered. The first question is answered, for me, with a Question, "How Much time do I have to Re-enter what I have entered since the Last Time I backed up this file?" The answer to this question is important. I almost refused to fish it because of its size to be honest, but I hadn't caught much that morning and thought I could pick up a few small fish. She is one of the few bloggers I've encountered who regularly tackles design and time management related topics. First time I encountered them was when they filled the OST for my favorite series, Air Gear. Still, a girl’s gotta get her exercise, especially when traveling with her favorite dog. I'm actually writing this from my phone at the moment as I can't get to my pc just now, but it's difficult to type and to see what I'm typing in fact.

And one day soon, we might just see the people rise up together and resist. Again, when reports or trees are created, Family Tree Maker has the option to see ALL of the FACTs or only the Preferred FACT. It makes sense to teach this option to a beginner. As for the "what was the real name", where you find in a your research, Family Tree Maker has the option to have more than one Name FACT. Persons found with more than one first name in the records. I have a lot of "Mary Jones (widow Smith)" in my database because Tom Brown married Mary Smith in the records and she was the widow of Mr. Smith. Having delivered back the first lot of edits for A Place Beyond Courage, I am now editing Shields of Pride ready for its December Re-issue. 2) Where to Back Up to? Please, Please, Please, do NOT consider that feature a Back Up.

Version 16 and earlier has an "Automatic Back Up" feature. For those of you who know the Three Character File Extensions that Version 16 and earlier use, the FTW file, it the Working Family File, the FBK file is the Copy of the FTW file and the FBC file is a Compressed Back Up of the FTW file. The process of creating the FBC file contains some file maintenance in it. This last one (FBC) is a Back Up. One document had Michael, another had Michael J. Which to I use. Without the need of with the use of pesticides gardeners must keep a frequent watch on the crops to ensure worms, bugs or other creatures aren't feasting about the fruits within your labor. I don't use those characters since I have control how the Name is displayed. I have also taken a copy of my Back Up CD to my daughter's house.

The file that is automatically generated is a COPY of your Family File. If there is a problem with the Family File, it will be in this "copy". That field will also be exported in a GEDCOM file. Then the water will either travel very slowly sideways, if the substrate has a slight tilt on it, (as the local sandstone plateaux have), or it can become permanently blocked at a particular level of impermeable rock. Even worse, I have many of these loose widows without a known maiden name. And in through the PQMagic (partition magic) and the third party software disk partition division adjustment capacity, the division of the format conversion when there are also some risk, if to crash or without electricity could also lead to a hard disk partition table fault, may even have lost all of the hard disk data. Here are some clearer shots done in Walnut Creek, CA at the three week mark.