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Horrifying moment a swarm of locusts engulfs the streets of India

by Maynard Wyselaskie (2020-08-27)

This is the horrifying moment a swarm of locusts sweeps through the streets in India as the country faces the combined woes of coronavirus, a heatwave, deadly floods and the worst locust plague in three decades.  

Locals ran for shelter as 'billions and trillions' of locusts invaded a residential area of Jaipur, engulfing a staircase and blanketing the sky as they soared over rooftops. 

A man who filmed the swarm of locusts said the 'uncountable numbers of locusts flying in the sky' were 'something I have never ever seen in my life'. 

The locusts have already destroyed nearly 125,000 acres of crops, bringing further misery to farmers during the world's largest coronavirus lockdown. 

India has seen record numbers of virus cases in recent days, bringing the total past 150,000 in what is now one of the world's largest outbreaks.