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Understanding of Agriculture According to Experts, History, and Examples

Understanding of Agriculture According to Experts


Humans in carrying out their lives need food as a source of energy. Agriculture is one of the activities that can be done to produce food and survive. Agriculture can be done by humans by utilizing biological resources in nature and managing it well. That is why the following is a complete explanation of agriculture;


Agriculture as a series of activities that are currently needed by humans with a lot of meaning narrowly and broadly. So specifically many opinions and views that appear related to this field.


Definition of Agriculture

Agriculture in a broad sense includes popular agriculture. While agriculture in the strict sense can be called the meaning of plantations including various types of smallholder plantations and large plantations, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries.


For example, Indonesia is an agricultural country which means that agriculture plays an important role in the overall national economy. This can be shown from the number of people living and working in the agricultural sector or from national products derived from agriculture.


Understanding of Agriculture According to Experts

While expert opinions regarding the meaning of agriculture, among others, are as follows;



Van Aarsten (1953)

Agriculture is a human activity undertaken to obtain results derived from plants and animals which were originally achieved by deliberately to perfect all the possibilities that have been given by nature to breed these plants and animals.


Mosher (1966)

Agriculture is a typical form of production based on the growth process of plants and animals. Farmers manage and stimulate the growth of plants and animals in a farming business where production activities are a business so that expenditure and income have a very important meaning.


Pantjar Simatupang (2003)

Agriculture is not just an economic activity to generate income for farmers. More than that agriculture can be a way of life or way of life for most farmers. Therefore the agricultural system and sector must place the subject of farmers as the whole agricultural sector actors.