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Back On The Road

by Kirk Burchfield (2020-09-29)


Solid State Drive (SSD) manufacturers claim devices can still operate even after being dropped from two- level buildings but this is not true in every situation. However, is that still a reason for manufacturers to kill off the headphone jack? Indigenous people had no reason to distinguish between vast differences of race or color because they all looked like one another in regards to color. It feels like having a best friend but never talking about them. I'd like to enjoy what I do, to learn new skills too and live in the moment rather than always thinking - what next. It's mainly about my craft work, in particular crochet but you'll also find some knitting occasionally, cooking, books I'm reading and my beautiful 16 year old Maine Coon cat QT who is moulting lots at the moment. I've been reading a lot lately but will talk about books next time.

When I started writing this blog I made a conscious decision to keep my faith in God separate and only talk about the things that interest me such as crochet mainly, with some knitting & sewing and cooking has crept in too. My original purpose was to show finished projects and in writing about them on here, I would have some accountability to stay motivated to finish them. I chose to make the medium width and have already bought more yarn to make another but I will go up a size in crochet hook and use a 5.5mm for the next one. Other accessible slips can be located perpendicular to the end of the pier with clearance extending the width of the slip. From Atlantic Highlands, Ocean Boulevard climbs up, up, up, with boats, bay, ocean, the New York skyline and homes most of us can only ever dream about along the way.

There must be another way down! We've been a way for a long weekend at a Christian festival plus taking a break. Shortly after Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, some phone owners-particularly those who stored their phone in their pocket-noticed something strange about their new purchases: They were bending. What I was not able to adequately report at the time was that Louise, from the Lithgow Environment Group, who I was with on that wet and soggy tour of cracked cliff edges and the Pagodas, mentioned that she had spotted some "small Orchids - about 3 inches high". York Gate is a magical one-acre garden created by the Spencer family between 1951 and 1994. Frederick and Sybil Spencer along with their son Robin, laid out and nurtured what is now one of the finest small gardens in the country. Within three weeks or so, I was back to normal and now I'm as regular as can be and I haven't eaten oatmeal or anything whole wheat in months.

After my lunch I'd sit and do some cross stitch before going back to work and then someone wanted to look through the pattern book or magazine you're working from. At the time of our visit, the staff was working toward a renewal of flight certification. I appreciate not everyone has the same views as me and as it happens, I didn't take any photos of the event or our time away. Having been following other peoples blogs, I've seen people feeling pressured to produce work constantly, from writing patterns to showing photos of the start and finish of projects but never the in between updates. I was writing 2 blogs a week, I will see how things go but for now and will commit to 1 a week. It's now been remade into a pack just large enough to hold his shoes and keys. With my track record for 'finishing things' being 'still not finished' we'll see. Remember to add a photo of your craft work on my facebook page, I would love to see what you're making.

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