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Understanding Entrepreneurship

by Journal Site (2019-12-24)

Understanding Entrepreneurship According to Experts Entrepreneurship has different meanings among experts or sources of reference for different gravity and emphasis. Richard Cantillon (1775) on Hallobosse Journals, Emboh Ponsel Dergisi, Emboh Wisata Revista, for example, defining entrepreneurship as work itself (entrepreneurship). A businessman buys current goods at a certain price and sells them in the future at an uncertain price. So this definition emphasizes more on how someone is at risk or uncertainty. Penrose (1963) Identification of entrepreneurial activities including opportunities in the economic system. Harvey Leibenstein (1968, 1979) Entrepreneurial activities include the need to create or implement a company when all markets have not been clearly identified, or the components of the production function are not fully known (Economics and Business Journals). Arif F. Hadipranata Entrepreneurs are people who take the risks needed to manage and manage all matters, and receive a number of financial and non-financial benefits. Thomas W Zimmerer Entrepreneurship is the application innovation and creativity to solve problems and take advantage of the opportunities that others face every day. Andrew J Dubrin Someone who runs and builds an innovative business. Robbin & Coulter Entrepreneurship is the process by which an individual or group of individuals uses organized efforts and opportunities and creates value to grow to meet their needs and desires through innovation and uniqueness, no matter what resources are used today. Jean Baptista Say An entrepreneur is an agent who combines various means of production and finds the value of a product. Raymond Entrepreneurship is someone who is innovative, creative and able to realize it to improve self-prosperity in the environment and society. Cashmere Entrepreneurship is a brave soul that dares to take risks to start a business on various occasions. Peter F Drucker The ability to create or create something new and different. Kathleen Explain that entrepreneurs are people who run, manage, and take risks for work done during the business world. Acmad Sanusi Entrepreneurship is a value that is manifested in the basic behavior of goals, tricks, tactics, propulsion, business processes and results. Suharto Prawiro Entrepreneurship is a value that is needed to start business and business development. Frank Knight An entrepreneur tries to solve and predict changes in the market. This explanation emphasizes the role of entrepreneurs in dealing with instability in market dynamics. An employer is required to perform all basic managerial functions such as supervision and guidance. Mas'ud Machfoedz & Mahmud Machfoedz Entrepreneurial innovation is one that has the opportunity to turn into an idea that can be sold, can provide added value through effort, cost, time and skills aimed at making profits. Joseph Schumpeter Entrepreneurship is one that gets the opportunity and creates an organization to pursue such opportunities. Stein and Jhon F.Burgess Entrepreneurship is one that regulates, manages and dares to take risks to create new business and business opportunities. J.B Say Entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs can manage various resources owned by the economy and increase low productivity is high. Robert D. Hirrich Entrepreneurship is a creative process to create something of higher value by optimizing all efforts, such as devoting time, funds, psychological, and receiving appreciation for one's satisfaction. Stephen Robins Entrepreneurship is the process of pursuing various opportunities to meet the needs and desires through innovation. Salim Siagian Entrepreneurship is enthusiasm, behavior and ability to respond positively to opportunities to benefit for yourself and better service to customers / society, as well as to create and provide more useful products by implementing more efficient and effective ways of working, through the courage to take risks , creativity, innovation and management skills. Drs. Joko Untoro that entrepreneurship is a courage to make efforts to meet the needs of life carried out by someone, on the basis of ability by utilizing all the potential possessed to produce something that is beneficial to himself and others. In the book Entrepreneurial Finance by J.Leach Ronald Melicher that entrepreneurship is a process of turning ideas into commercial opportunities and creating value (prices) "The process of changing ideas into commercial opportunities and creating value" In the book Entrepreneurship: Determinant and Policy in European-Us Comparison that entrepreneurship is the process of perceiving, creating, and pursuing economic opportunities "the process of perceiving, creating, and pursuing economic opportunities". But said in the book, that the process of entrepreneurship itself is difficult to measure. Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto that entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship is a creative business that is built based on innovation to produce something new, has added value, benefits, creates jobs and the results are useful for others. Penrose (1963) entrepreneurial activities include identifying opportunities in the economic system. Israel Kirzner (1979) Entrepreneurs recognize and act on market opportunities. Entrepreneurship Center at Miami University of Ohio: Entrepreneurship as a process of identifying, developing, and bringing vision into life. The vision can be in the form of innovative ideas, opportunities, better ways of doing things. Entrepreneurship according to Presidential Instruction of the Republic of Indonesia (INPRES) No. 4 of 1995 about the National Movement to Promote and Cultivate Entrepreneurs is the spirit, attitude, behavior and ability of a person to handle businesses and or activities that lead to efforts to create, implement new ways of working, technology and products by increasing efficiency in order to provide better services and or obtain greater profit.