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Nurse, 28, 'murdered doctor girlfriend for giving him coronavirus'

by Kelli Bibi (2020-09-08)

A nurse strangled his doctor girlfriend before telling police officers that he unleashed the attack because she gave him Covid-19, prosecutors say.

Student doctor Lorena Quaranta, 27, was found dead after her boyfriend Antonio De Pace allegedly called them to say he had killed her.

Both had been working in Messina, Sicily, but were drafted in to help out with the coronavirus outbreak.

Lorena will be awarded her medical degree posthumously as a tribute, Messina University says. 

Antonio De Pace, left, reportedly told police he killed Lorena Quaranta because she gave him coronavirus

De Pace, 28, called officers in the early hours of Tuesday to tell them that he had murdered his partner, according to reports in Italy.

Police then called paramedics because they found De Pace had cut his wrists and discovered him on the floor of the apartment, officers said. 

He was saved by Lorena's colleagues at the hospital and stunned police say he then told them: 'I killed her because she gave me coronavirus.' 

However, nothing could be done to save Lorena, sparking a murder probe by the Messina prosecutor.  

Authorities are doubtful about De Pace's story. Early indications from testing carried out last night suggest that neither he nor his girlfriend had the virus. 

One report by Zoom24 said a swab test had come back negative yesterday. 

De Pace has already been the target of a barrage of social media anger since the news of his girlfriend's death emerged.  

Lorena Quaranta was allegedly killed by her student nurse lover 

Just two weeks ago De Pace wrote, 토렌트 최신 영화 'To reach our dreams you have to work hard with determination and you are proof' in tribute to Lorena passing exams





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